Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Trunk Show Dates!

here is a list of Spring 2009 Trunk Shows we will be hosting

January 8th-11th: Alvina Valenta Bridal and Bridesmaids- Islip
January 8th-11th: Marisa Bridal- NYC

January 22nd-25th: Marisa Bridal- Islip
January 22nd-25th: Alvina Valenta Bridesmaids- NYC

January 29th-February 1st: Jim Hjelm Bridesmaids- Islip
January 29th-February 1st: Vera Wang Bridesmaids- NYC

February 5th-8th: Jim Hjelm Bridal Gowns- Islip
February 5th-8th: Vera Wang Bridesmaids- Islip

February 12th-15th: Jim Hjelm Bridal and Bridesmaids- NYC
February 12th-15th: Lazaro Bridesmaids- Islip

February 19th-22nd: Lazaro Bridesmaids- NYC

March 5th-8th: Marisa Bridal- NYC

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